Looking to market your hunting lodge with unforgettable blog posts? Check this out!

As you cruise the web searching for great ideas for marketing your hunting lodge here is a must read post I found. Often times when first creating a blog post the blank screen can be an overwhelming place to have to start. That is why this informative post is so great, it is a clear breakdown on how to write perfect blog posts! The good folks over at www.socialtriggers.com have done a fantastic job at taking something that can be crippling to overcome, and made small bite size portions easy for anyone to get through.

Looking at the graphic for the perfect blog post the first thing I noticed is writers and hunters are not all that different! What? Both know the game they plan to tag. The end goal is clear for both. One hopes for a successful hunt, one hopes for a successful response from the reader. That is ultimately the end game for both hunter and writer. So as a hunting lodge looking to market your establishment, what is the end game? Quite simple really …

A booking!

How do we accomplish that? By helping the reader of your website and your blog to get comfortable. Comfortable with you as the lodge owner, comfortable with your facilities, comfortable with your ability to provide a successful hunt, comfortable that their investment of time and money will result in stories that will entertain around the campfire for literally a lifetime! We need them to become comfortable with you, so they can get emotional.

Emotion, that is what this is about. Not cause and effect, not logical reason, but pure emotional response. The deeper that emotional response, the more likely the reader goes from curious blog post viewer to committed hunter staying at your lodge. The goal for your website and blog has to be to provide an emotional response that help the reader to respond in a positive way.

That can look many different ways but the successful result is always the same … positive response. How we do that is a topic for another post for sure, but a well constructed blog post will definitely help to keep the reader reading, and provide the vehicle for the emotion to build in the reader. The response comes from a combination of the writing, the “hook” and the “ask” … followed by a clear set of steps to respond with.

Here at The Outdoorsman Copywriter our goal is to help you in marketing your hunting lodge. We want to help you emerge from the forest of other hunting establishments, and the noise of the internet so that you can target in on your audience and fill your lodge, camp, guiding season with eager customers looking for an experience of a life time!

Contact us today to find out about how we can help you do just that!

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