Focus of a hunter

As someone who considers them self an outdoorsman, I have the privilege to witness some pretty intense stuff. The day that I watch this osprey snatch this monster carp was one of those days.

Osprey Feeding on Carp, Oliver, BC
Osprey Feeding on Carp, Oliver, BC

This fish was almost more that the osprey could handle, the strain getting up and out of the water was immense. Getting the fish to the top of the old power pole was a several minute ordeal. Once there, it was time to rest. The piercing eyes of the osprey scanned the area and focused directly in on me. After grabbing a meal, the sole focus was on any threat that might have a chance to take that meal away. The bird stared at me for quite sometime. Once comfortable with the fact I was not a threat, only then did the feeding begin.

When in the great outdoors I am always looking for a memory to take with me. No matter if I am hunting, fishing, hiking or canoeing there is something to see that very likely I have never seen before. Having spent some time earning money by selling pictures, often I try to capture those moments to share with others. This shot, while not the greatest quality, brings back a flood of memories from that day, but also from all the other days along the banks of the river and small lake that this happened on. As you head out into the great outdoors, may you also be confronted with scenes that cause you to pause and just enjoy the spectacle that is nature unfold before you.

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