10 ways to improve your hunting lodge marketing on social media.

A greater reach for your hunting or fishing lodge via social media is the hope, here are 10 ways to help that to happen!

Identify Goals and Objectives

When you start, you NEED to have a plan. What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Once you are able to answer the questions of your goals for you social media, then you will be able to reverse engineer the structure and content to begin to reach those goals. From there you can make choices about where (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc) and how (blogs, pictures, video etc) you will promote your lodge.

Be Human

That is, interact with human emotion and response. As we said, yes have a plan, but this is not all machinery here. When people come to your sites they should find you! So be prepared to interact, respond to comments, and to let your new followers into your world in general.

Link Your Sites Together

This one seems so simple, but so often overlooked. The idea here is that content you publish should link into as many places as possible. This helps your search results, but also simply places your content in front of as many people as possible. The goal here is exposure, to be seen. On the opposite side of the coin is ease of which people can find you. Just like your content going out, we want to make it easy for new people to come in. The more your platforms are linked, the more likely people with find the one that works best for their lives … and that is what we want!

Share With Everyone You Can

Once the content is made and on your sites … don’t be afraid to share it! While not trying to spam the daylights out of your friends and family, share. That is the easiest way to get information out about your business – word of mouth from friends and family. They already like you (we hope), so they will be inclined to share your information in their circles too.

Produce Valuable Content

No one wants junk … social media users are the same. Share good content, helpful content. Do not make the reader search for what they want, provide it as simply as possible. Make the steps to respond clear and easy, once they decide to respond do not loose them in the steps!

Use Key Words and Hashtags

People search for what they want, if they are looking for hunting, fishing, lodges or any other words that describe your business they should find you! How? By your careful placement of key words and use of hashtags to optimize the search results to lead people to your sites.

Include Your Social Icons In All Your Emails

If emails are going out anyway, make sure your links to ALL your platforms are included. Over time people will click, and join in the information stream that you are creating for you lodge. Once in that stream, they will see the services and products that you are offering.

Be Consistent Across The Platforms You Use

If you have profile pictures, logos, catch phrases or regular formatting it should all be the same (or as close as possible) across everything you use. That way your followers will know they have found you just from the look and feel of your sites. Branding, and the power a good one has, should never be overlooked.

Fill In The Blanks!

Yes, it sounds simple, but often things get missed. Find those blanks, and fill them. Each profile comes with areas to fill in information, this is for a reason. These are the pieces that people are interested in and want to have. As you try to be consistent, you also need to be complete … do the work so people see that the details do not escape you!

Pictures Really Are Worth 1000 Words

Pictures (and videos) are traffic stoppers. That is a good thing, getting web surfers to stop and look at your content. A well placed picture can do just that. Make sure the pictures are the right size for the site. Also make sure that the picture is a good one, and relevant. A random, blurry picture that does not make sense will not help. One that is near professional quality and well composed, with a great caption will help your site generate followers for sure.

At the same time, limit the damage that bad pictures and videos can cause. You may need to untag yourself from offensive, or just questionable history you may have had. No need for those embarrassing college pictures to cause people to question your decision making ability.

There are lists upon lists on the web that give 100’s of ways to improve your social media efforts. I hope these first steps are helpful to you. If you are wondering how to really move your lodge via social media, contact us today!


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