The work is worth it!

There are times that all the effort if worth it. This was one of those times!

Living on a lake in northern Alberta has some perks. We have a consistent flow of wildlife around our place, with a bucket list of critters we have observed from our chairs on the deck …

  • IMG_5618moose, whitetail and mule deer
  • martins and weasels
  • squirrels and prairie dogs
  • coyotes and wolves
  • red and silver foxes
  • black bears and many more!

The bird life living in a fly zone is pretty diverse. As a recreational birder I am surprised at the diversity of birds from hummingbirds to pelicans, and all sorts in between.

But when that lake freezes, and the water becomes like glass … that is when the best memories take place. We take to the ice, and skate for what seems like forever, or as far as you are willing to shovel! When unplugged from the world and enjoying the simple life, that is a memory worth all the work of shoveling snow for sure!

What does this have to do with marketing your hunting lodge? What is it that you offer to your clients that might fill the off seasons and shoulder seasons?

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