How Does SEO Work?

Often while on websites I get asked by clients how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works to help their hunting or fishing lodge. I am always a little confused as to how to answer. On one hand the answer is fairly simple, yet at the same time it can be confusing and hard for some to grasp.

The simple answer is SEO helps to place your web content on the screens of your target market. This happens as they search the web, the way that your site is set up causes a higher placement in the results. This is through using keywords that are relevant to search inquires, having a well made simple website for people to find, having content on that site that is useful and full of SEO triggers, and having other places on the web drive traffic to your site is important too! AS all of these word together your website become optimized … simply, people find you on the web, and they stay on your site because it gives them what they need!

The good people over at made this nice infographic to help explain t how SEO works … they hot it out of the park with a simple clean overview of how it all comes together!

If you are not happy with your results, contact us ASAP to see how we can help you build you SEO campaign and streamline your website into the effective tool you deserve! Just use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


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