Hunting With A Gun Dog: A Viszla

Hungerian Viszla
Hungerian Viszla

Over the years I have had a few dogs. Growing up we had a mixed breed farm dog. He was a loyal pet, always there guarding the fields.  Over time he became a master at ridding the place of ground hogs, somehow catching rabbits, and treeing raccoons for me.

As I got older and move away from the farm I decided that a proper gun dog was needed. After loads of research and searching I decided on a viszla. She was a beauty of a dog, fearless and fast. When on a upland bird instincts would kick in and she would lock into point and hold it forever. A soft mouth that never broke the skin of the birds she retrieved for me. The first birds we trained her one caused her to go into a strong point with a quick retrieve, virtually no training time was needed at all.

Upland game birds was not all she was good at, ducks were a favorite too. On one hunt I was taking pictures and having her flush ducks off the water. I snapped a picture as she flew through the air and ducks scattered. It was good enough to win a new camera and land a spot in Outdoor Canada magazine during a photo contest. So basically my gun dog had a brief flirt with hunting fame on a national level!

Have you ever hunted with dogs? What is your favorite breed? Got a great hunting dog story, share it!

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