Top 3 Dream Hunts on each Continent!

Hunting lodges around the world advertise to capture our hard earn dollars on lucrative hunting trips. Everyone who has ever ventured out into the great outdoors has pondered on this one. The great question being centered on if time and money were no object, what would you hunt for and where would you do it?

While the possibilities are seemingly endless, I think I have my answers for the top three hunts on each continent around the world! I will give my reasons why for each one, but feel free to try and change my mind and present your favorite hunts too!

North America

  1. Pronghorn – there is something about the fastest North American land animal and the spot and stalk style hunts that are needed to hunt these wary elusive animals.
  2. Alligator – OK the TV shows help this one, but the chance to bag a creature that can literally rip you in two and eat you, is more than enough adrenaline! Need a boat hand for the season? Count me in!
  3. Bison – I live in a place that has bison farms everywhere. I can only imagine what the plains looked like when these massive beasts wandered in the millions. The shear size is breathtaking … and they taste great too!

South America

  1. Four Horned Sheep – When you think about hunting South America, often the mind goes to jungle. The highlands provide an amazing animal, one sheep double the horns!
  2. Water Buffalo – No matter the continent, a buffalo hunt is always something that I want to be involved in. Plus the fact they are not native to the continent, it is sort of like I would be helping to clean up a man made mess!
  3. Speckled Caiman – This one is just like the North American hunt for alligators, the Caiman hold all the same amazing fear and allure!


  1. Highland Red Stag – Not many antlered animals are as iconic as the Red Stag. Simply put, I want one, I must have one. The European roots in me demand it!
  2. European Boar – Personal confession time, I have a love hate relationship with boar (and pigs in general) … I hate them live, but love them cooked. Any time you can hunt a wild boar is a good day to me. Mmmm … free range, organic, wild bacon.
  3. Maral – A subspecies of the more common Red Deer, the Maral is also called the Noble Deer. Not many people know it exists, they are gorgeous animals, and one that calls to me from the Caspian Sea region.


  1. Cape Buffalo – The most deadly animal in Africa, one who turns the table to make the hunter become the hunted. Those big old bulls just look so gnarly, and definitely are a test that one day I hope to take and pass.
  2. Kudu – I am not sure why, but ever since I was a young boy the Kudu’s spiraling head gear have been in my dreams. To me they signal a real African hunt more than any other animal on the Dark Continent, and it is nothing more than boyhood dreams.
  3. Warthog – Wild tusks, ferocious and well basically a pig. I have always wanted to know what African bacon tastes like!


  1. Asian Ibex – This is all about the large curved horns. Sexiest looking goat in my mind. I must see what that European Skull mount will look like on my stone fireplace wall.
  2. Russian Moose – I live in Northern Alberta, so moose are not the draw here. Finding one in the massive expanse that is Siberia is. I go somewhere people traditionally do not return from, and come back with a monster rack. That’s the dream.
  3. Marco Polo Sheep – Those cork screw like horns spiraling out from the head … I need one right beside the Ibex from Asia hunt #1.


  1. Asiatic Water Buffalo – Again, not much is scarier to me than a really angry buffalo. The allure of this hunt is not diminished because it is in Australia!
  2. Sambar – The big deer species of Australia, they have thick long antlers. Just look amazing and are deep in the bush as well.
  3. Fallow Buck – This is a species that can be hunted all over the world, and I needed a 3rd hunt in Australia. The paddle like antlers look amazing and I would rather hunt a deer, than say a kangaroo!

This are my choices today, but my list is always changing! What are your dream hunts? I would love to know.


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